Some tweaks to make Podofyllin easier to use

It’s time to remove some of those little irritations in Podofyllin, like the way that it always opens windows in the same locations, at the same size, and its two options are fixed every time that you start it up.

This new version should be easier to live with:

  • Window sizes and locations are now automatically saved between app launches, and when running. These aren’t (yet) specific to individual documents, but are specific to the window type. This should save you having to set up every new window before using it.
  • The two app settings, to show thumbnails and raw PDF source, are now saved to the app’s preferences file, so that your choices are preserved across app launches. Again, this saves you the irritation of having to keep setting them up each time.

I have also been working on opening up PDF internals, although I haven’t achieved any particular breakthrough as yet.

Podofyllin version 1.0b13 is now available from here: podofyllin10b13
and from Downloads above.