Scrub bug fixed, and notarized for Mojave

Scrub version 1.0b2 fixes a bug which stopped the app from cleaning individual files. Although previous versions opened files quite happily, if you tried to strip their extended attributes, etc., then nothing would happen. If you put the file inside a folder, and dropped that onto Scrub, it worked fine.

This new version should address this properly, and is also notarized for your added security.

Scrub is a utility for removing information which might leak personal or sensitive data in files and macOS more generally. It can remove old versions, extended attributes, and will even turn Spotlight indexing off and trash your log files if you want it to. Please note that this is still a beta-release, and read its extensive documentation before wiping anything out.

Version 1.0b2 is now available from here: scrub10b2
and from Downloads above.