Second release candidate of DelightEd

Here is another final release candidate of my free Rich Text editor DelightEd.

Changes in this version include:

  • You can now set a default font and size for the app.
  • Help is updated to include changes, expands a little on styles, and reduces its contrast with a less extreme background colour.
  • The Less Dark window appearance option reduces the contrast further with a more moderate grey.

Setting a default font and size for the app is very simple and doesn’t involve any dialogs:

  1. Open a New document window.
  2. Set the font and size in the Toolbar to the default that you want.
  3. In the app menu, select the Save Defaults command.

From then on, each new window will open with that font and size set as its default. These are saved in the app preferences file at ~/Library/Preferences/co.eclecticlight.DelightEd.

I hope that this now meets all the requests made of DelightEd here. If you find any further issues, bugs, or want any other features, please comment below or they will not be included in the final release, which I hope I will be able to complete early next week.

DelightEd 1.0b8 is available from here: DelightEd10b8
and from Downloads above.