Bailiff (iCloud), Taccy (privacy access) and UTIutility (UTIs) are notarized

Here are three more of my free tools updated by being notarized for your added security.

Bailiff 1.3 is a handy menubar tool for controlling your iCloud Drive. You can use it to evict files from local storage back into iCloud, or download them ready for local use. It’s the handy and simple sibling of my more capable app Cirrus. Because Bailiff can install itself into your menubar, for convenience, it is one of my few apps which seeks consent to add itself to the Privacy list in Mojave. The additional protection of notarization is therefore valuable, particularly for Mojave users.

Bailiff version 1.3 is available from here: bailiff13
and from Downloads above.

Taccy 1.0b6 is a tool to check other apps, to determine what type of signature they have, their entitlements to use protected data and systems, and give deep insight into what they’re permitted to do. It is primarily aimed at anyone having problems with an app in Mojave, which may relate to its new privacy protection.

For example, if an app should give access to your microphone, but doesn’t, you can check it using Taccy to help work out what is going wrong.

Taccy 1.0b6 is available from here: taccy10b6
and from Downloads above.

Finally, UTIutility 1.0b3 is most valuable for developers, who need to discover the uniform type identifier (UTI) for any given type of file, together with other classifiers including MIME type and filename extension. Apple’s listings are many years out of date now, and don’t include many modern file types. This tool uses macOS itself to provide conversions between and information about these type identifiers.

UTIutility 1.0b3 is available from here: utiutil10b3
and from Downloads above.

This brings me even closer to having all my free apps here notarized, something which I want to achieve before the end of the year.