Two more notarizations: Cirrus (for iCloud) and Apfelstrudel

Here are two more of my free tools which I have had notarized for your added security.

Cirrus version 1.2 is invaluable for working with iCloud Drive and its problems. It lets you ‘evict’ files and folders from local storage, download them, explore and control items that you can’t normally reach in the Finder, perform a quick test of iCloud connectivity which itself can sometimes kickstart your connection into working better, and browse iCloud-related messages in the unified log. And more besides.

Cirrus 1.2 has no other changes, apart from being ported to the current versions of Swift and Xcode, and its notarization. It’s available from here: cirrus12
and from Downloads above.

Apfelstrudel is a unique aid for anyone working with Unicode normalisation. I developed this when APFS was first appearing, and there were all sorts of dreadful issues over the normalisation of file and folder names. Although these have largely gone away in APFS, normalisation still comes and trips people up at times.

The problem is that Unicode has two or more code points which represent single characters, such as é, or Å. To cope with this, file systems in particular may normalise those to a common code point, and that is what HFS+ does. When Apple announced APFS, it said that this new file system wouldn’t normalise, so the issue of normalisation became very significant. Apple sort of changed its mind when its own apps couldn’t cope, so APFS now handles this matter gracefully.

However, normalisation hasn’t gone away, and can still catch developers and users out when searching for or comparing text. Apfelstrudel then shows you normalised forms, according to the four different methods standardised in Unicode, and the results of common string comparisons.

Apfelstrufel 1.2 has been ported to Swift 4.2.1 in Xcode 10.1, and is now notarized for your added security. It’s available from here: Apfelstrudel
and from Downloads above.