Blowhole 7 works around an Xcode bug, and is included in an updated Signpost Kit

I noted in the documentation for Blowhole 6 and my initial Signpost Kit that there were bugs in Mojave’s implementation of Signposts which affected their use.

As you may have read earlier, I have now worked around those bugs, and am pleased to release an updated version of Blowhole, version 7, with those fixes. It is available from here: blowhole7
and from Downloads above.

I have also incorporated that into an updated Signpost Kit, available from here: signpostkit11
and from Downloads above.


These changes only affect behaviour when running in Mojave. But with its first full release not far away, if you’re experimenting with Signposts I think you may need these now, rather than later.

I also hope that my workarounds will prove robust when Apple does fix the underlying problem, so you shouldn’t need a new version for a little while to come.