32-bitCheck is now notarized too

Following this morning’s earlier walkthrough in which I had the next release of 32-bitCheck notarized successfully, here is that new version 1.6: 32bitCheck16
which is also available in Downloads above.

Although it is functionally identical to version 1.5, I believe that a notarized release is of benefit to all users. Notarization assures you the user that this app has been through the notarization process, and on Mojave passes Gatekeeper’s checks as a notarized app.

Although Gatekeeper on earlier versions of macOS can’t perform the same checks on notarization, it does perform the same checks on the integrity of the app itself. When you know that the app passes those on your local system, and is notarized, I believe that gives you much stronger assurance that what you have downloaded and are running is not malicious.

I therefore encourage all users to download and use notarized versions of my apps, as they become available.