LockRattler 4.7.1 checks log privacy and reports Mojave releases

Having written recently about log privacy in the context of security errors, it struck me that checking the privacy settings on the log in Sierra and later is not as easy as it should be. As someone who does occasionally remove privacy protection, particularly when I’m looking at iCloud issues, I usually have to fiddle around to check that I have restored it properly afterwards.


This is the significant feature added to this new version of LockRattler.

El Capitan users, with their more traditional log system, don’t have this option, so don’t get the check, but I recommend this new feature for all those using LockRattler on Sierra, High Sierra, and Mojave.

Those using it on Mojave will also find that LockRattler now correctly recognises the macOS version which they are running.

Because of the addition of the log privacy check, I have taken the opportunity to reorganise the window slightly. I hope that you find it a bit simpler in use as a result. I have updated the Help book and PDF documentation accordingly.

I am very sorry that the first attempt to deliver this new version (then 4.7) had a signature problem: this was due to a faulty build in Xcode 10ß4. I have now rebuilt it completely into version 4.7.1, which is identical but shouldn’t throw any problems with its signatures. Thanks to Al for drawing my attention to this, and apologies again that it occurred.

LockRattler 4.7.1 for El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra, and Mojave is now available from here: lockrattler471 and from Downloads above.