Updated tools for checking and correcting Home folder permissions

Having established that macOS still supports repairing the permissions of your Home folder, and that this is still a solution supported by Apple, it is time to update the two tools which are available here to help you do that.

PermissionScanner 1.2 is a general-purpose tool for checking permissions in the following locations:

  • ~/Library/Preferences
  • ~/Library/Preferences and individual preferences files in ~/Library/Containers and ~/Library more generally
  • ~/Library as a whole
  • the whole of your Home folder
  • /Library/Preferences


In each folder, you can look for those files for which you don’t have read and write access, or read access. This allows you to correct any stray permissions manually when needed to fix problems.

Version 1.2 now runs scans in the background, which spares you from seeing the spinning beachball during longer scans. It is also fully compatible with macOS Sierra, High Sierra (including APFS), and with Mojave, including Dark Mode. It’s available from here: permscan12
and from Downloads above.

RepairHomePermissions 1.0 is the first full release of a tool to step through Apple’s recommended process for repairing permissions on your Home folder.


It starts by showing you how to set and propagate correct permissions in your Home folder. Once you have done that, click on the Repair Permissions button. This automatically works through the sequence of commands recommended by Apple to complete repairing permissions, saving you from having to use Terminal.

This version has been largely rewritten, so that it runs command tasks in the background rather than show the spinning beachball, and is fully compatible with Sierra, High Sierra (including APFS), and now Mojave (including Dark Mode). It’s a single window app, which conveniently quits when you close its window. It’s available from here: rhpb1rel
and from Downloads above.