LockRattler 4.5 fixes a bug installing named updates

Version 4.2b1 of my free app LockRattler brought a new feature: the ability to install specific named updates. This is to help those who may have other pending updates, when a security data update is pushed. Users then need to be able to manually install the updates that they want, but to leave those which they don’t want to install yet.

This is a very difficult feature to test fully, as it relies on the testing Mac having security updates pending and not yet installed – something which doesn’t happen very often. A couple of people reported problems getting the feature to work, though. When Apple released two security updates yesterday, I was at last able to test this properly, across three different versions of macOS too.

I discovered that it didn’t work at all, for which I apologise.

It turned out that the softwareupdate command options which LockRattler relies on – which is that documented in its man page, and even given as an example – don’t work for security updates. In Sierra and later, instead of using the command
softwareupdate -i item
to install the package named item, for security updates you must use the undocumented
softwareupdate -i --include-config-data item
instead, or Apple’s servers will deny that the update exists.

There remains one minor issue which I still haven’t been able to solve, though. When you click on the new Refresh button, although the update installation details next to the white text boxes are correctly updated, the contents of those white text boxes are not refreshed. The Refresh feature was added so that you can check that updates have been installed correctly, without having to quit LockRattler and open it again.

My source code is correct in handling this, and I cannot discover why macOS is returning outdated information about the security data. However, as the text next to those boxes does change to reflect updates, I am leaving this as it is for the moment. I will return and get to the bottom of this problem in a future update.

Finally, this version of LockRattler fixes a small problem when running in Dark Mode, and updates its Help book.

LockRattler 4.5, for all versions of macOS from El Capitan to Mojave, is now available from here: lockrattler45
and in Downloads above.

I have more updates, primarily aimed at Mojave users, which will be available later today and announced tomorrow morning.