Bailiff 1.0 now available: take control of iCloud Drive

The first full release of Bailiff is now available from here: bailiff10
and from Downloads above.

Bailiff is a little menubar tool which lets you decide whether iCloud Drive files and folders are kept locally or not. It lets you evict items from local storage to maximimise local free space, and download them to local storage to save you having to wait for iCloud to do so, perhaps when you don’t have a good internet connection.


New for this final release is an additional menu command, which I will be adding progressively to my other apps here: Browse updates. Click on this and one of two webpages here will be opened in your default browser, listing the latest versions of each of the tools here, together with download links for them. If you’re running El Capitan, it shows only those tools which are compatible with that version of macOS; if you’re running Sierra or later, it shows all those tools which run on those versions.

Because this, and any downloading, is performed through your browser and WordPress here, I hope that it proves robust, and gives you full security cover. Both the updates page and all downloads use HTTPS, of course.