Is Consolation 3 now of release quality? Here’s version 3.0b13

This new release of Consolation, my log browser for macOS 10.12 and later (not El Capitan, I’m afraid), adds several new features to make it more efficient in use, and fixes three bugs.


New and improved features include:

  • A Last minute button, which sets the time period to zero, and the start and end times to the previous minute. This should make it easier to switch between using the period setting and fixed start and end times, and to look at most recent events.
  • Keystroke shortcuts to switch filter mode, the Last minute button, and to get a log extract.
  • The outdated name of Run command for the button to get a log extract is renamed to Get log.
  • Further adjustments have been made to the control layouts.


Bugs fixed include:

  • an obscure bug which set start and end times incorrectly when switching from accessing a logarchive to using the system log;
  • one which prevented import or export of custom settings;
  • a covert bug opening Preferences that could have caused an exception.

This is my final call for any suggestions for changes or additions. I have started the mammoth task of rewriting the Help book: once that is done, I intend releasing this as version 3.0.

This is available from here: consolation3b13
and from Downloads above.

I would also be interested if anyone running the Mojave beta were able to take this version for a quick spin, to see whether it has any major issues. I am not intending this release to be compatible with Mojave, but it would be very helpful if it is.