Quick copying makes Precize 1.1 more efficient

Precize generates several valuable pieces of information which are hard to come by anywhere else. Among those which you may want to use in other apps are:

  • the full path,
  • the volfs path, which can be used in Terminal commands as an enduring reference to a file or folder,
  • the FileReferenceURL, which is as enduring as the volfs path,
  • the item’s permissions in octal,
  • the Bookmark, another enduring way of referencing a file or folder, and
  • the extended attributes.

Using these has just become much easier and more efficient, in version 1.1. For example, when you want to use the volfs path in Terminal, open the item in Precize, press ⌘-2, switch to Terminal, and press ⌘-v to paste in the path. All six items listed above have their own menu command, with a keystroke shortcut from ⌘-1 to ⌘-6, to copy that item without having to select it first.


To help you remember these, the main window now lists the numbers for those items supported by this quick copy.

This version also fixes a bug in which the Save command in the File menu was never enabled, making it impossible to save the contents of the main window in a text file. That command should now work properly.

The new version 1.1 is available from here: precize11
and from Downloads above.

I hope you find this a worthwhile improvement.