LockRattler 4.3 has a Refresh button and improved documentation

Following a user request, a new version of LockRattler is now available. Version 4.3:

  • adds a Refresh button, with the keyboard shortcut of the Return key. If you have just installed an update using LockRattler, click on this button to refresh the version numbers shown in its window, to check that the installation has worked;
  • updates the Help book and PDF documentation to clarify which update features include ‘silent’ security updates;
  • fixes the main window size, as growing it is purposeless.


LockRattler 4.3 runs on El Capitan, Sierra, and High Sierra, and is available from here: lockrattler43
and from Downloads above.

I hope this proves an improvement.

Postscript: I am aware that there are two bugs in this version. First, although the Refresh button does update some of the displayed values, some remain unchanged. I have checked my code for this, and it appears correct, so I am wondering whether this is the result of macOS caching some values. The other is a minor interface issue, in the Tooltip for the Refresh button not appearing properly. When I have fixed these, I will post an update to 4.4. I apologise for them in the meantime.