Revisionist 1.0b7 scans in the background

Here’s a new version of Revisionist, my free tool for getting the most from the versioning system in MacOS, which runs on El Capitan, Sierra, and High Sierra.

Changes in this version are focussed on the Crawler feature, which lets you check which documents have revisions stored for them. In previous versions, when a long scan has been running, the spinning beachball has been displayed. In this new version, scanning tasks are put into the background, and a ‘busy spinner’ is displayed instead. This makes it easier to scan large folders, such as ~/Documents, without interrupting your work.

There are some other minor changes to the Crawler, such as improved titling of its window.

This new version is available from here: revisionist10b7
and from Downloads above.

Apart from the addition of Tooltips and a Help book, I hope that this is now ready for final release. If you have any requests for additional features, changes, or any bugs or other problems, please comment below. As usual, I particularly welcome comments about it running on El Capitan, which I am unable to test here.

I hope that this is a worthwhile improvement.