32-bitCheck: version 1.0 released with improved interface and Help book

As promised, I have made some improvements to 32-bitCheck, my free tool to check apps and other code bundles to identify any that are still 32-bit only.


In this first full release:

  • When you type in a folder path, that entry is cleared when the scan completes, leaving the Folder box empty, ready for further scans. This also makes it easier to drag and drop folders from Finder windows into the Folder box.
  • On completion of the scan, the window is named from the folder you have just checked.
  • The default start path for saving reports is now your Home folder.
  • A better default name is suggested for saving reports.
  • The text output, both displayed and saved, contains a datestamp at the end.
  • Items listed are sorted alphabetically in the output.
  • There is a proper Help book.

I’m afraid that its does not yet support full drag-and-drop from Finder folders onto the app icon. I am working on that for the next release, as it proved a bit more complex than it sounds.

32-bitCheck 1.0 should now be ready for general use, and is available here: 32-bitCheck 1.2 (this has now been updated to 1.2)
and from Downloads above.

Here’s an example report:
Listing of all apps which are 32-bit only in the folder /Applications/Utilities:
/Applications/Utilities/Adobe Application Manager/CCM/Utilities/AdobeApplicationManager(URIHandler).app
/Applications/Utilities/Helios LanTestF/HELIOS File System Test.app
/Applications/Utilities/Helios LanTestF/HELIOS LanTest.app
/Applications/Utilities/NFS Manager.app
/Applications/Utilities/ODBC Manager.app
Found 26 bundles which are 32-bit only, out of 55 scanned in /Applications/Utilities
Checked at Wednesday, 18 April 2018 at 09:02:31 British Summer Time