Run The Time Machine Mechanic from a regular user account

By popular request, here is a special app that should let you run The Time Machine Mechanic (T2M2) as a regular user, rather than requiring the current user to have an admin account.

Like its equivalent for Consolation 2, RunConsolation, all this app does is run an AppleScript to run T2M2 with elevated privileges. It requires the T2M2 app (available from Downloads above) to be installed in the main Applications folder. This should allow T2M2 to get the log extracts which it needs to be able to analyse Time Machine performance, and report on it, as if you were running as an admin user.

RunT2M2 is available here: runt2m2
and in Downloads above.

Because T2M2 relies on log features which were only introduced in macOS Sierra, this, like T2M2, requires Sierra or High Sierra to run.

I hope that this helps those running their Macs as regular users, rather than from an admin account.