Managing versions has never been simpler: Revisionist 1.0b4 with Quick Look previews

Here is a new beta-release of Revisionist, which now previews versions using Quick Look, and displays correct file size information for bundles, as well as regular document files: revisionist10b4
It’s also available from Downloads above.

There are two significant improvements in this version, which is now approaching its full feature-set for the first release.

The first is that it now shows meaningful and correct file sizes for documents which are stored as bundles, rather than just the nominal size of the enclosing folder. It does this simply by adding together the sizes of all the files which are included in the bundle folder. These are calculated in an identical fashion for the text report generated when you click the Save button.


The other change transforms Revisionist quite substantially. If you double-click on a version listed in the upper table view of the window, Revisionist will try to open that version in a Quick Look preview. This enables you to inspect and check which version(s) to remove, and to browse the contents of the versions without having to open the original app which created them.

My next step with Revisionist is to see if I can incorporate the file browsing functions from RevisionCrawler, to turn this a single app rather than two. If you have any other features which you’d like to see included, please suggest them as comments below.