Further improvements in xattred 1.0b3, the extended attribute editor

I have been working a lot in xattred of late, and have taken the opportunity to smooth some of its remaining rough edges. In particular, this new version 1.0b3 tidies the commands in the File menu, removing the Open command from there, and enhances saving to text files.

Because of the way that xattrs work, and the need for xattred to be able to open any file or folder, using the standard menu-based Open command becomes very messy, and the Open button supports its full features.

You can use the Save and Save as… commands in the File menu to create text summaries of xattrs in the current file or folder. If you Save (or Save as) when one of the listed xattrs is selected, and displayed in the lower text view, then only that xattr will be written out in text form. If no xattr is selected when you use the Save or Save as command, then all the xattrs for that item will be written to the text file.

To accommodate this, I have adjusted the format of the text output to include better separators, and to give the size of each xattr.

Document naming has also been improved.

This new release of xattred is here: xattred10b3
and in Downloads above. I hope that it continues to support El Capitan (untested), Sierra, and High Sierra.

Apart from a few further tidying jobs, the major remaining tasks before final release are the implementation of Undo/Redo, and the Help book. If there are any other features you want included, or changes which you want made, please let me know here.