xattr: com.apple.logd.metadata, log metadata

Type: com.apple.logd.metadata
Subtypes: none
Serialisation: none
Data type: binary data
Example: <01000000 19df4284 6c424836 89698cef 414e9d68 00000000 ff95a12e 05000000 2935f936 3f010000> « ßB lBH6 i ïAN h ÿ ¡. )5ù6? »
macOS: High Sierra only
System use: only found in .tracev3 log files in /private/var/db/diagnostics/Persist and /private/var/db/diagnostics/Special
App use: none
Document use: none
Other usage: none known, although will probably be copied into logarchive bundles, which could be stored in various locations

Purpose: unknown
New with High Sierra, these are used by the unified log. Their content and function are unknown, but they appear to be written by the logd service.

Tools: xattred, xattr


Original page: 2017-12-28
Last modified: 2017-12-28