xattr: com.apple.metadata:kMDItemDescription, arbitrary information about a file

Type: com.apple.metadata
Subtypes: kMDItemDescription
Serialisation: none
Data type: binary property list containing largely UTF-8 text, as a single NSString.
Example: <62706c69 73743030 5f10ae4a 61637175 65732d45 6d696c65 2d45646f 75617264 20427261 6e646f6e 20284672 656e6368 2c203138 33312d31 38393729 2e202750 6f727475 67657365 2053796e 61676f67 75652061 7420416d 73746572 64616d2c 27203139 74682063 656e7475 72792e20 6f696c20 6f6e2063 616e7661 732e2057 616c7465 72732041 7274204d 75736575 6d202833 372e3333 293a2041 71756972 65642062 79205769 6c6c6961 6d20542e 2057616c 74657273 2e080000 00000000 01010000 00000000 00010000 00000000 00000000 00000000 00b9> «bplist00_ ®Jacques-Emile-Edouard Brandon (French, 1831-1897). ‘Portugese Synagogue at Amsterdam,’ 19th century. oil on canvas. Walters Art Museum (37.33): Aquired by William T. Walters. ¹»
macOS: Sierra, High Sierra
System use: only found in /Library, and rare there
App use: rare
Document use: more common
Other usage: none

Purpose: contains arbitrary information about a file attached by the originator or subsequent editor
As with all xattrs, this ‘sticky’ information can follow files around for a long time.

Tools: xattred, xattr


Original page: 2017-12-18
Last modified: 2017-12-30