Browse your Mac’s system and security update history with SystHist

When we were testing and tweaking LockRattler 4.1, several of you said that it would be useful to have a tool which showed the recent system software and security update record. Although you can see this in System Information’s listing of Installations, that lists all installations and updates together. Frankly, it’s a pain spotting even the latest security updates, and takes several clicks/taps to get there.

Here’s my next Christmas present: the first alpha release of SystHist, a simple tool to list all those system and security updates, with none of the other stuff. This is compatible with Sierra and High Sierra, and should also work fully in El Capitan too, although I am unable to test it there.

This is an alpha version because its listing is plain text at present. If there is interest in it, I will try to give that a more sophisticated interface which allows you to fold away sections of older history, and select particular types of update. It is also an alternative to LockRattler for checking the latest system and security updates which have been installed.


It has one checkbox, which sets whether to display other configuration data updates such as the Chinese Word List Update, and one button, which will save the current text output to a text file.

SystHist 0.1a1 is available from here: systhist01a1
and from Downloads above.

As with LockRattler, I would really appreciate feedback from those using SystHist on El Capitan, please. I’m happy that it should run robustly on Sierra and High Sierra, but cannot test here on El Capitan.

Happy Christmas!