Thoroughly-new version of LockRattler now available

Just recently, with the series of problems over Apple’s silent security updates, LockRattler has been one of my most used utilities. It does nothing that you couldn’t do in Terminal, but it does it so quickly and simply.

Then Dave Linton was kind enough to let me know that LockRattler 3.5 had quit unexpectedly on his Mac. The crash information unfortunately failed to even hint at what might have gone wrong, so I went back to the source to see if there was anything obvious.

After a few minutes, I realised that LockRattler needed a thorough update. Although the current version should work fine, it should be more bombproof, and needed a complete rewrite.


I am therefore delighted to offer this brand new, thoroughly rewritten version of LockRattler, available from here lockrattler401
and in Downloads above.

I’m fairly confident that it should run robustly and reliably in Sierra and High Sierra. It should – if Xcode is to be believed – also run fine in El Capitan, although I cannot test that.

I would therefore be very grateful if you would download and test it, particularly on El Capitan systems, please.

Here’s a list of the changes:

  • Completely new code.
  • Written in Swift 4, built in Xcode 9.2 for macOS 10.11 and later.
  • New app architecture based on ViewController controls.
  • New interface.
  • Now gets almost all data before opening its window, so authentication is only required to obtain the optional software update setting.
  • Improved error handling.
  • Completely new Help book.
  • New app icon.

Please let me know how you get on with it, particularly whether it runs on El Capitan. I intend progressing this to a final release as quickly as I can, before we get the next wave of issues with High Sierra.