More information about your keychains in KeychainCheck 2.0a3

One of the great drivers in my development efforts, such as they are, is desire. When you write the tools that you use, there are strong incentives to add the features which you need. During my recent explorations of iCloud Keychain, my shopping list of new features to add to KeychainCheck 2 grew quite quickly, so here is a second alpha-test version with many of them included.

I have done a fair bit of restructuring of code, as early tentative sections have proved themselves to be sufficiently robust. I have added the following to the scrolling text output:

  • The hardware UUID; this is opportunistic information, as I need that to explore the iCloud Keychain data files anyway.
  • Additional search path information for the user. macOS provides a separate listing, so I give it.
  • The contents of all the standard keychain folders, i.e. ~/Library/Keychains and the iCloud Keychain folder within it, /Library/Keychains, and /System/Library/Keychains.

The app also has its own custom icon at last, although I will see whether this one grows on me, or I decide to replace it.

The folder contents are particularly interesting in that the keychains listed in search paths and elsewhere are a small fraction of all the files which end up in Keychains folders. I think that I need to do a bit more exploration here.

The end result is no more complex in the upper section of the window, still focussing on the most important indicators, but much closer to being comprehensive in the full text output, saving you time switching between Keychain Access and Terminal, and giving some information which you won’t find in either.

This new version is available here: keychaincheck203
and in Downloads above.