Have you had Gatekeeper problems with my apps?

A few people have complained that when they download my free apps from here and try to run them, they are informed that there is a problem with their signatures, and Gatekeeper won’t allow them to be run. This is in spite of my signing them, and testing myself that they pass Gatekeeper’s full checks.

(You can of course bypass this by using Finder’s Open command when you need to.)

I think that I may have got to the bottom of this problem. To help me fix this, I’d be grateful if you could download, decompress, and try running any of the following three freshly signed apps. These are the latest versions which should run sweetly on both Sierra and High Sierra:

LockRattler, for checking the version numbers of security data files, and other key information: lockrattler35a

The Time Machine Mechanic (T2M2), for checking that Time Machine is making automatic backups correctly: t2m211bp

MakeLogarchive, an alpha release for creating logarchive files: MakeLogarchivea

Please comment to let me know whether you experience Gatekeeper’s cold shoulder, or whether the new signature fixes this problem. If it does, I will do the same with all my other apps as soon as I can.

Thank you.

I am also looking at reported problems running LockRattler and KeychainCheck on El Capitan – I am not sure that is something that I can fix, it may be an issue with Xcode (still).