Consolation 2 & 3, and RunConsolation: new versions should run on High Sierra

With the forthcoming release of High Sierra, I have ported the Consolation family of log browsers to Swift 3.2 and hopefully made them compatible with High Sierra as well as Sierra.


Consolation 2.4 is the current release version of Consolation 2, and is available here: consolation24rel
and in Downloads above.


Consolation 3.0b8 is the current beta release of Consolation 3, which is the new final candidate for release. It appears feature-complete, and seems to work reliably on Sierra. Hopefully this version will also prove fully compatible with High Sierra. It is available here: consolation3b8
and in Downloads above.

RunConsolation 1.1 is the current release version of this tool which allows you to run Consolation 2 when logged in as a regular (rather than admin) user. This should run fine on Sierra and High Sierra, and is available here: runconsolation11
and in Downloads above.

As far as I am aware, High Sierra does not add to or change Sierra’s unified log system, although there’s always the chance that it might fix some of its bugs. I therefore don’t intend making any changes for High Sierra, other than ensuring that Consolation works properly.

Consolation will never support El Capitan, as its log system is completely different, and its version of Console is thus still fully functional.

I would be particularly grateful for reports on their operation in High Sierra, please. Please report any problems or bugs in the comments below.