Apple has pushed silent updates to MRT and XProtect

Apple has recently pushed another set of silent updates to the data files for security systems in macOS and OS X – this time for its Malware Removal Tool, MRT, and for XProtect. These realign version numbers correctly, and bring MRT to version 1.21, and XProtect configuration data to version 1.0 2094.

The latter adds protection from five recently identified malware products:

  • OSX.Bundlore.B
  • OSX.AceInstaller.B
  • OSX.AdLoad.A and B
  • OSX.Mughthesec.A

Although currently these appear to be fairly low risk, and have been analysed in detail by Patrick Wardle at Objective-See and others, this is an important pair of updates, and I recommend that you check that yours have been installed over the last day or two.

Checking in System Information / Software / Installations is unfortunately less helpful than it should be, as it does not reveal the detailed version numbers, which you can discover from LockRattler (free from Downloads above).