Consolation 3.0b4: building a much better log browser

I am delighted to offer the fourth beta-release of my browser for macOS Sierra’s unified log, Consolation. This now comes with support for colour styling in its log extracts, which I have explained here.

In addition to its more extensive support for custom styles, including the setting of fields in colour, I have reworked some of its internal code considerably to enable you to apply styles (and, soon, filters) to log extracts which have already been obtained in JSON format. This ensures that when you are working on the same extract, you can apply a succession of styles without having to obtain a new log extract.

There are three text colours supported: r for red, g for green, and b for blue. These are added to any of the other style codes to truncate the text shown for that field.

Here is a matched pair of log extracts to illustrate the difference that this makes:


and here is an extract used in another article here:


I have already started work on the next beta-release, which will add the third major new feature for Consolation 3: text filters. These will not attempt to duplicate the feature already provided in search predicates, but will enable you to select which log entries to display on the basis of matching content in the message field. As with styles, you will be able to apply these almost instantly, without fetching a new log extract.

The latest release is available from Downloads above.

I hope that you find it useful, and enjoy the colour experience.