Consolation 2.2b1 can now open any new-style ‘unified’ log, from macOS, iOS, watchOS, or tvOS

Until now, my log browser Consolation has only been able to open and analyse the unified log of the Mac on which the app is running. This new beta-test version, 2.2b1, can now open unified logs from any other source, including other Macs, iPhones and iPads, the Apple Watch, and Apple TV.

To enable this, it has a new top row of controls, designated the Log source. To use it as previously to analyse the log of the Mac on which it is running, leave the radio button there set to system. To analyse another log, obtain that in .logarchive format, then select the file radio button in Consolation.


You will then be prompted to select the .logarchive to be used, and all further analyses made in that window will be based on that log, unless you switch the radio button back to system.


Other new windows can be set to use other .logarchive bundles, or that Mac’s system log, using the same controls. This allows you to open, say, the log from an iPhone and the Watch associated with it, and browse them together.

If you want to perform multiple analyses on the same .logarchive, simply set the file in one window, save those settings as defaults, then the next new window which you open will work from that same log.

Although intended primarily for those performing forensic log analysis (who asked for this feature), this should be of use to many others, including sysadmins, developers, and anyone wanting access to iOS, watchOS, or tvOS logs.

The latest release is available from Downloads above.

For this beta release, I have not updated its Help book, but enclose a release note explaining the change. When it is ready for release, I will incorporate details in an updated Help book.

I hope that this proves a useful enhancement.