Consolation 2.0 is now available

The latest release is available from Downloads above.

Major changes since the last beta release include:

  • Support for Apple Help by way of a Help Book. This contains all the material in the previous PDF documentation and a lot more. Although this version includes that PDF documentation, unless anyone seriously objects, I do not intend updating that any further, and will in future only update the Help Book, which is already over 6 MB in size.
  • Removal of the Preferences, Page Setup and Print menu commands, which were functionless anyway.


If you are still using Consolation version 1, although the app’s main window remains similar, Consolation 2.0 is almost a different app. The most obvious improvements include:

  • multiple window support, together with Tab views and Full Screen windowing,
  • user default settings for all new windows,
  • improved saving,
  • export of logs in CSV format for import into Excel and other apps,
  • additional patterns and operators to build a much wider range of predicates,
  • extensive help with online links to reference material,
  • several bugs fixed.

I am now open to suggestions for new features for the next version, and hope that you find this release a useful tool.