Consolation 2.0b2 now available – with default settings

The latest release is available from Downloads above.

The major change in this release is the ability to make custom default settings. All the controls in the window, apart from the Start and End dates and times, can now be saved as defaults. To do this, simply set the controls up in the way that you want them, and click on the new Save as defaults button. When you have done that, each new window will open with its controls set to those defaults.

I have excluded the Start and End timestamps from this. They are set to defaults each time that you open Consolation. I don’t think that it makes sense to load default timestamps from the last time that you used the app, nor to change them repeatedly when using it.

Some simple uses for defaults include:

  • If you only use Consolation to check your Time Machine backups, adjust the Period settings to a few hours, as you wish, leave everything else unchanged, and Save as defaults. Each time that you open Consolation, all you then have to do is click on the Run command button.
  • If you mainly use Consolation to investigate problems, set its controls up for that, and Save as defaults. When you open it again, it will be ready for your diagnostic explorations.
  • When investigating your log for a complex problem, set the controls up to look for one predicate set. Save as defaults, then open a new window and it will have the same settings, ready for you to amend the predicate set.

I think that you will find this a great improvement.

Minor enhancements include:

  • added category to the filter pattern;
  • added IN to the filter operator;
  • popup menus are now navigable from the keyboard: using the Tab key, move the selection to the popup menu and type the initial letter of the menu command to select that command. You can also use the cursor keys to navigate popups.

I have updated the documentation to describe these.

Defaults are saved to a standard preferences file. However, they do not yet include the window size and position; that is handled separately in Sierra and I am still trying to work out how to include that in the defaults in a useful way. There is still no meaningful support for printing.

I hope that you find this helpful.