Half a million views

Allow me a brief gloat: The Eclectic Light Company blog has just reached its first serious milestone, that of half a million views.

The first year was, as every blogger knows, the hardest. With only 76,399 views from 29,173 visitors, there were days when I wondered whether I was just writing here for my own benefit.

Last year, more and more of you came here: 160,057 visitors in all, viewing 334,757 pages. Then last autumn, with the release of macOS Sierra, you started coming in hordes, maybe even in buses. Over the winter, the busiest day saw 3,352 views in all, and the grand total is now 500,075 views and 232,540 visitors.

I (still) don’t write articles to bump up these figures – but because I want to write about these topics and enjoy doing so, and because I hope that you will enjoy reading them, and find them useful.

Thank you for coming. I hope that I can continue to make it worth your while.