Consolation version 2: multiple windows on your log

The latest release is available from Downloads above.

The major improvement is that I have moved it to Apple’s Cocoa document-based app architecture. This allows you to open multiple windows, each with their own log extract. If all you want to do is check that your Time Machine backups are taking place without error, then this is not of any benefit. For anyone trying to investigate a more complex issue, I think that it should be a great improvement.

Because this brings with it support for the standard Save… command, I have removed the Save button.

The one significant feature which this initial beta lacks is support for printing. This and other changes are detailed in the manual provided in the download.

I have a long list of minor improvements to make in this version, together with support for printing, and I am looking at preferences, saving window settings, and perhaps adding support for text auto-completion. I will post the next beta in due course.

I hope that you find this helpful.