Consolation: a log browser for Sierra, version 1.0

The latest release is available from Downloads above.

Improvements from the previous beta release include:

  • A direct way to use no filtering at all. In previous versions, you had to use a dummy filter with a single space character. You can now remove all predicate filtering simply by selecting a radio button (‘other text or none’). This also helps work around potential bugs in the log show command.
  • Better handling of malformed predicate searches. If you select the pattern radio button but do not configure the first line of a predicate filter, most errors will now fall back to filtering for Time Machine entries, rather than return an error when executing the malformed command.
  • The second other text box has been renamed to avoid confusion.
  • I have removed the Tooltip for the lower text output area, as it only got in the way.

I have updated the PDF manual which comes with it to reflect those changes.

If you do find any bugs or features which do not work properly (or as you expect), please email me, or comment below.

I have now started work on the next version. Currently, my major objective is to enable the use of multiple windows. Unfortunately, this means starting from scratch again, as Xcode doesn’t seem to be able to convert a document-less project as this one is, to one which is document-based, which provides support for multiple windows.

I have been considering adding support for the generation of logarchive files, which can then be browsed in Console. However the options for creating these are so limited (and flawed by bugs) that I don’t think that would be particularly useful. Does anyone really want that as a feature?

Ultimately it would be nice to move the various controls into a toolbar, which would allow you to build predicates with more than two terms. I will be looking at that once I have multiple windows working, but suspect that will require some fairly fancy Swift code to implement.

I now also have a new page on this blog to make downloading my apps and other ‘produce’ simpler: I will keep the latest versions of Consolation and others there, to save you having to chase through old articles to find them.

I hope that you find Consolation useful.