LogLogger4: a tweak to help you use start and end options

Although I have reported that log‘s --start and --end options currently suffer from bugs which omit many log entries, LogLogger3 does not help you use them when you wish to. I have therefore made a small change to the AppleScript source to make use of --start and --end easier.

In LogLogger3, there was no way of omitting the --last option, set in the controls in the third section of the dialog, Period and Unit of time. In this new version of LogLogger, available here loglogger4
if you put a period of 0 in the text box, no --last option will be included in the command. Instead, you must specify --start and --end options in the Additional options box in the section below, e.g. as
--start '2016-09-30 06:58:10' --end '2016-09-30 06:59:00'


Note that if you set the Period to 0 and do not specify --start and --end, the log excerpt generated is likely to be huge, as it will include every record available on your Mac, which could run to many GB.

Otherwise, LogLogger4 should behave exactly as documented for LogLogger3.

I hope this makes it easier to use and more powerful.