Summerfest 2016: the Summer Artisanal Software Festival

Artisanal software is like artisanal bread: finely crafted to appeal to your taste, only the software lasts much longer! To quote Mark Bernstein of Eastgate Systems:
These are tools with attitude and style, tools crafted by creators, not focus groups. Tools like Tinderbox, DEVONthink and Scrivener live at the intersection of art and research. These are deep tools, crafted with care and refined by years of study and exploration.

A group of those who create and sell artisanal software products have put their wares on sale for a limited time. This is not a fire sale with silly prices, but the perfect opportunity to stock up with those tools which you are likely to need in the coming months, each at a reduction of 25%.

The products include several of my all-time favourites:

  • Tinderbox: the tool for notes
  • Storyspace: serious hypertext narrative
  • DEVONthink Pro Office: document management reinvented
  • Nisus Writer Pro: the powerful word processor for OS X
  • Scrivener: grow your ideas in style
  • Bookends: the reference manager you’ve been looking for
  • Aeon Timeline 2: the timeline tool for creative thinking
  • Take Control Books: the answers that you need now
  • Taskpaper: make lists and get organized
  • BBEdit: power tool for text
  • TextExpander: type more with less effort
  • Scapple: quickly capture and connect ideas
  • PDFpen: powerful pdf editing
  • WriteRoom: write without distractions
  • HoudahSpot: powerful file search.

If you haven’t got at least half of those, you are really missing out. If you already have several, then you will know how they work well together, importing data from one another, in particular.

Full details are at the Summerfest site.