Apple updates the kernel extension exclude list

At around 1800 on 5 April 2016, Apple pushed out a silent update to OS X 10.11 El Capitan to update the kernel extension exclude list at /System/Library/Extensions/AppleKextExcludeList.kext from version 3.30 to 3.30.1 dated 31 March 2016.

You may recall that the last update involved a serious problem with the extension to support Ethernet ports on certain models of Mac, and caused utter chaos.

The only change in this version is to add com.sektioneins.driver.SUIDGuardNG LE 1.0.6 to the exclude list. SUIDGuard is a TrustedBSD kernel driver which aims to protect against weaknesses involving SUID/SGID binaries, and is written by Stefan Esser of SektionEins. It does not appear to be compatible with El Capitan, which may be the reason for Apple blocking it. Hopefully this should not adversely affect any users.

Thanks to the ever-alert Patrick Wardle at Objective-See for alerting us to this.

Other recent silent updates include:

  • Chinese Word List 4.13 on 5 April,
  • Core Suggestions Configuration Data on 30 March,
  • MRT Configuration Data on 29 March, which includes OSX.Pirrit.A adware removal,
  • XProtect blacklist update on 29 March.