Apple Support in 140 characters

The thought of trying to deliver official product support through that seething mass of abuse, intolerance, and overt prejudice that is Twitter is interesting, to say the least. Yet last week Apple started to do just that: tweet @AppleSupport for your 140 characters to be read and responded to by one of its support team.

Currently operating every day of the week, from 1300 to 0400 UTC (GMT), and in English only, this direct line to Apple’s support staff seems to be coping with a fresh enquiry every twenty seconds or so.


Most questions so far seem to be taken off to DM (Twitter direct messaging) very quickly, where presumably the support staff work from the same screens and scripts as its other modes of support. As it is Apple support, it is unable to tackle issues with products from other vendors, which account for a large proportion of questions sent to independent Q&A services such as ours at MacFormat. I expect that it is also less likely to suggest third-party products as solutions or workarounds for issues with Apple products.


Apple now has a substantial presence on Twitter, including Apple Music Help, Beats by Dre Support, and several accounts which are used mainly to promote products. It will be interesting to see if this type of product support catches on, and benefits users, Apple, and Twitter.