The surrogate, virtual, and intangible, and their worth

So let’s just run through that story again:

Money is a surrogate for property, invented so that we don’t have to take a goat to the bookshop, or send Amazon some bushels of barley in trade.

People have used that surrogate to buy virtual parts of corporations, such as Alphabet (itself a corporate surrogate for Google) and Apple.

Those virtual parts don’t have fixed value, and their value often bears little relationship to the value of the corporate assets, and none at all to revenue or profit.

Just now, the amount of that surrogate, money, that people (presumably mostly real) are prepared to pay for virtual parts of a surrogate for Google, has risen so that – in terms of share market value – the surrogate for Google is worth more than any other corporation in the world.

And almost 90% of Alphabet’s revenue comes from its sales of virtual advertisements on the intangible platform that is the Web.

Don’t we have any real news stories out there? No storms, plagues, or pestilence?