Janet Fish: Glass & Plastic, the Early Years: exhibition at DC Moore Gallery

If reflections on water are the showpiece of the landscape painter, the complex semi-reflective surfaces of glass and plastic must be their equivalent for still life. To see some of the most brilliant explorations of glass and plastic surfaces, visit the DC Moore Gallery on West 22nd Street in Chelsea, New York, before 13 February this year, and see the work of Janet Fish.

Starting modestly with packs of fruit wrapped in clear plastic, she systematically investigated the complex balance between transmitted and reflected light, in increasingly challenging motifs. One of my most cherished art books is a monograph which shows the results: and I would dearly love to be able to see these paintings myself.

Full details and supporting materials are here.


Thanks to Painters’ Table for drawing attention to this, and the link to the James Kalm Report on the exhibition here.