The Independent newspaper blog may have ransomware attached

If you have visited the blog section of The Independent newspaper’s website in the last few weeks, you will be concerned to read TrendLabs’ breaking news that it may have been infected by malware.

It appears that at least one page in that blog – not the main newspaper pages – has been redirecting its viewers to pick up a nasty Adobe Flash Player exploit, and download Cryptesla 2.2.0 ransomware. If you have been using a recent, patched version of Adobe Flash Player later than version, then you should not have been vulnerable.

TrendLabs consider that this exploit was in operation since 21 November 2015, and possibly before, and was still there on 8 December, although attempts are being made to clean it up.

As far I can tell, Cryptesla ransomware does not (yet) damage OS X systems, but it is well known to affect most recent versions of Windows.