Web links


AFP548 – Mac sysadmin and server related

MacScripter – AppleScript, Automator

Swift blog – Apple’s new preferred programming language

MacTeX – a superb distribution of TeX


OpenDNS – free go-anywhere DNS and more


Alan Wood’s Unicode resources

ScriptSource – writing systems and computers

Multilingual Mac – language support and issues

Text Encoding Initiative – preserving important documents

Language Log – an outstanding blog for anyone interested in language

Endangered Languages


Jackson’s Art Supplies (also a fine blog) – the best and most comprehensive art materials supplier

Williamsburg Oils – the best

QoR Watercolours – the best

Cult Pens – the best propelling pencils and more

Making a Mark – Katherine Tyrrell’s excellent blog for artists

Painter’s Table – offers its own excellent content, and a wide range of links to items on other blogs

Painters on Paintings – many fascinating accounts of paintings which have most influenced individual painters

Painting Perceptions – about perceptual painting, a modern version of realism

WikiArt – the best and largest collection of images of paintings

PubHist – publications on Art History and many paintings

Art Renewal Centre (ARC) – another superb collection of images

Handprint watercolours – Bruce MacEvoy’s vast and comprehensive resource of information on watercolours, notable for its tests of lightfastness and much more


LibriVox – free, public domain audiobooks; the Gutenberg of audiobooks

The Man in Seat Sixty-One – rail and ferry travel worldwide