Solutions to Christmas Mac riddles 183

I hope that you enjoyed Saturday’s Christmas Mac Riddles, episode 183. Here are my solutions to them.

1: A communist Canadian discovered in 1811, according to Jef.

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A communist (an apple variety with the full name McIntosh Red) Canadian (it’s the national apple of Canada) discovered in 1811 (by John McIntosh), according to Jef (it was Jef Raskin who named the Macintosh after the apple).

2: Found in a pub gutter, it’s a cooker from Larry and was first with an arm.

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Found in a pub gutter (the first Newton Wonder tree was claimed to have been found in the gutter of the pub in King’s Newton), it’s a cooker (it’s too sour for most to eat unless cooked) from Larry (the late Larry Tesler was one of the leads in its development) and was first with an arm (it was the first Apple product with an Arm processor, the ARM 610 RISC processor).

3: From Newtown for fine eating, it failed as a console or player.

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From Newtown (it was named after the Newtown Pippin apple) for fine eating (they are), it failed as a console or player (Bandai tried to market them as a games and Internet console, and Katz as a media player and set-top box).

The common factor

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They are all named after varieties of apple. The first Macintosh was released in 1984 and its successors are still flourishing, the Newton shipped between 1993-96, and the Pippin lived briefly between 1996-97.

I look forward to your putting alternative cases.