Solutions to Saturday Mac riddles 182

I hope that you enjoyed Saturday’s Mac Riddles, episode 182. Here are my solutions to them.

1: This cat with a pride was intended to be download-only and brought AirDrop.

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This cat with a pride (a lion) was intended to be download-only (it was the first version of OS X intended to be distributed only through the App Store, although Apple did make copies available on USB drives too) and brought AirDrop (one of its new features).

2: Hybrid can bark or low when setting up the page for printing, named after software arm.

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Clarus the Dogcow

Hybrid could bark or low (a dog and cow that emits the sound Moof) when setting up the page for printing (it’s still shown in the Page Setup dialog, in a new improved form in Ventura), named after software arm (named Clarus by Mark ‘The Red’ Harlan after Claris, Apple’s software subsidiary).

3: It didn’t bark much, but connected you before a hunting expedition.

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It didn’t bark much (like a dog), but connected you (it provided web browsing, email, news and FTP in 1996-97) before a hunting expedition (Apple’s next web browser, Safari, was introduced in 2003).

The common factor

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They are animals from the Mac’s menagerie: Clarus the Dogcow from around 1987 to the present, CyberDog in 1996-97, and Lion in 2011-12.

I look forward to your putting alternative cases.