SilentKnight 2.3 fixes a bug and aids custom workflows

Thank you for all your comments on SilentKnight versions 2 to 2.2. As those suffer from a bug, I’ve taken the opportunity to both fix that bug and to incorporate improvements that I hope will help in its use, particularly for those using custom workflows involving installing named updates.

The bug wasn’t as bad as it looked. When you changed SilentKnight’s Settings to Download only, that should also have changed the text shown in the Install All Updates and Install Named Updates… menu commands, in the File menu. When I converted what were previously controlled by old menu commands, I accidentally removed the code to change those command names when the user had opted not to have updates installed. The commands still worked correctly, but what you saw in the menus wasn’t in agreement, for which I apologise.


I have also made small changes in SilentKnight’s windows. The window used to download and install named updates now refers to their listing as Labels, and I have added a tooltip for that textbox explaining where to get that name from. I have also added tooltips to the controls in the Settings window, and have revised the Help documentation to make some important points more clear.

Finally, recognising that few will read the separate Help files provided with the app, I have added a brief ReadMeFirst document summarising the most important points in getting SilentKnight to work for you.

SilentKnight version 2.3 is now available from here: silentknight203
from Downloads above, from its Product Page, and through its auto-update mechanism.

I hope this addresses the many issues that you have raised, and helps you get the most from the app.