MacSysAdmin 2022 has started

Today, 4 October, this year’s MacSysAdmin conference has started. Before you book your flight to Sweden, as with last year, it’s all online, making attendance free.

I’m honoured to write that I’m one of the speakers today. My presentation looks in detail at how Apple silicon chips allocate work to the two different types of CPU core, why it’s important to users, and what control you have. This is one among eight presentations for today, with others covering macOS Automation (starring Armin Briegel), XCreds (Tim Perfitt from Twocanoes), and a live presentation at 1300 GMT (1500 CEST) from Apple about Apple Configurator and MDM. Although the focus is mainly on system administration, there’s a great deal relevant to advanced users as well.

The programme is available here, with links to each presentation. See you there!

Thanks to Patrik Jerneheim for organising this once again, and for so generously inviting me to speak.