Taccy version 1.12 fixes a couple of bugs

As macOS and its privacy protection moves steadily on, I’ve noticed a couple of small bugs in my free utility for working with its privacy and security systems, Taccy. This new version fixes them.

The first bug results from the fact that Apple is numbering its SDKs to match its new macOS version numbering. This means that the previous version of Taccy doesn’t recognise the 11.1 SDK as being part of 11. This new version corrects that, and now displays SDK versions correctly.

The other results from changing designation of privacy entitlements. What was formerly com.apple.security.device.microphone is now com.apple.security.device.audio-input, and is referred not to the internal microphone, but to Core Audio input more generally. com.apple.security.personal-information.reminders is now not used, but I have retained that for backward compatibility.

Taccy version 1.12 is now available from here: taccy112
from Downloads above, from its Product Page, and via its auto-update mechanism.