Christmas Mac riddles (79)

Here are this year’s Christmas riddles to entertain you through whatever you’re now allowed to do.

1: I might have brought medicine or supplies by parachute, but instead just transfer files. What am I?

2: Although I sound like the place in Brevard County where you’d drink cocktails before launch, I just add gaps. What am I?

3: Named after precious chalk, I’m known as both a chainsaw and duct tape, but to many I’m simply incomprehensible. What am I?

4: Catgut, steel, spun cotton, or codepoints.

5: Defined by Ken the mathematician nearly sixty years ago, I need a whole new keyboard, and still run on your Mac. What am I?

I will post the answers first thing on Monday morning.

Happy Christmas!

Please don’t post your answers as comments here: it spoils it for others.