LockRattler version 4.29 should work a treat on your new M1 Mac

I have another update to my popular free utility LockRattler, which checks and updates your key security systems.

This update should now give consistent firmware and other version numbers across all Macs running El Capitan and later, including previous Apple Silicon Macs, as well the new M1 models which ship this week.

There are also some small but important improvements. The most significant of these is linking to a new web page here which lists firmware versions for Macs of any species which are running Big Sur.

LockRattler version 4.29 is available from here: lockrattler429
from Downloads above, from its Product Page, and via its auto-update mechanism.

Apple Silicon Macs introduce several new security systems, including Big Sur’s new Sealed System Volume (SSV, also supported by Intel Macs). I currently don’t intend adding them to LockRattler’s already very busy window. However, for those with new M1 Macs, I plan a surprise in store in the next version of SilentKnight, which will examine and report on those new protections. I hope to have that version ready for when the first M1 Macs arrive with users later this week.

Meanwhile, I will continue to fix bugs and maintain LockRattler, while I decide whether to fork a new version specially for Apple Silicon models. Feel free to express your opinions about this as comments here, please.