SilentKnight and LockRattler updates for Big Sur and Apple Silicon

I have two new versions of my popular utilities for checking firmware and security updates, SilentKnight and LockRattler. These make further adjustments to read firmware versions, particularly in current Apple Silicon Macs.

Until I know the model designators for the new Macs, I’m unable to make final adjustments for full compatibility with them. For them moment, these updates read firmware versions and, where it recognises non-Intel hardware, displays those versions appropriately. Apple Silicon Macs aren’t reliant on Intel’s EFI firmware architecture, but are most likely to use just iBoot as already used in iPhones and iPads. This should greatly simplify managing firmware on those models.

SilentKnight version 1.13 is available from here:silentknight113
LockRattler version 4.28 is available from here: lockrattler428
Both are available from Downloads above, from their Product Page, and via their auto-update mechanism.